Dash Now is now HYFIN

As of 2022, we’ve rebranded and Dash Now is now a product of HYFIN. Please visit hyfin.app to learn how we are helping merchants in all industries get paid faster and more efficiently.

Visit Hyfin.app

•  Take more to-go orders

•  Receive real-time alerts when guests arrive

•  Reduce contact between your staff and guests

•  Streamline your curbside service 

How Does It Work?


Send a text message to your customer allowing them to pay for their order remotely and receive a real-time notification when the customer arrives to pick up their order.


Provide your dine-in customers with a contactless payment solution and allow them to pay-at-the table using their mobile phone.

"Thanks to Dash Now, our restaurant has become much more efficient and is helping us keep our customers and staff safe!"

Chris Wollerman, Wally’s Grill & Drafthouse

"Guests not only entertain contactless payments with Dash Now, they appreciate it!"

Kevin Timmons, Nick and Jake’s

"Dash Now has saved us so much time and made our carry-out service more efficient."

Justin Hernandez, Jalapeno’s Brookside

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